WordPress Management Services

Benefits & Features


No More Problems

We protect and manage your WordPress site to prevent WordPress problems. Our website edits SAVE our members many hours of frustrustion. Get more out of your site with one low monthly fee.

Quick & Clear Solutions

Friendly Advice & HELP

Email or book a free discovery call with an Australian WordPress support team. We can show you through the answer and provide advice to your questions to give you a better understanding of the changes.

Business Growth

More From Your Website
More leads and sales for you and your team to grow your business. Improve your website with our website edits. You can also ask us for a website redisgn quote to fully optimise your site for style and function.



Emergency Support

When your site has an urgent problem we’ll fix it quickly and all for your monthly membership fee. No hidden costs to deal with. We monitor your site 24/7. So if we detect a problem we’ll proactivle fix your site with out you having to submit a support call. In most cases we’ll have it fixed before you even know the problem exists.

Website Edits

Add these to a plan or select a plan with them built in. Perfect to help grow your business and save you time. Email or book a screen share support call. Website edits include changes to content, plugin configuration and styling. They do not include custom development to WordPress or building a new website.

Uptime Monitoring 24/7

Within a couple of minutes, we’ll know if your website goes down. That way we’ll be able to get your site back online in the shortest possible time without you even contacting us.

Daily Backups

Fast and reliable incremental cloud backups. Unlimited off-site storage. Rapid restore can be performed by our support team from any day within the past 90 days. Choose from daily, 2x daily, 4x daily or 24x daily. Choose a plan or upgrade the backup frequency in your plan.

Safe Updates

We’ll take care of all your sites updates. We know what and when to update. Plus we’ll also have an additional restore point done at just before the update. We’ll check your site is up and running after all updates. You can also upgrade to a staging site which is a hidden copy of your site that can be used for testing.


We believe in preventing problems. We’ll scan and monitor your WordPress site for security vulnerabilities. If we find a plugin with a vulnerability we’ll recommend an alternative to protect your site.

Performance Checks

Part of your monthly report will give an insight into how your site performing. You can keep a check on the impact of any changes you make to your site or if your web hosting services is starting to underperform.

SEO Ranking

We’ll track up to 100 of your keywords and report the changes in your rankings. Discover who your competitors are, and how you compare against them.


We’ll give you options to get more from your website. Delivering a better user experience for your website and a more enticing brand offering for your visitors to give you the conversions you need.

Monthly Report

We’ll email you a monthly report for you to see what we’ve done on your site and see how your site is performing.

Move Your Site

Looking to move your site? We take care of the migration of your website to the new web host of your choice. We can also help you choose the best web hosting for your site’s security and performance.

Website Design

We can build you a new site while safely running your current site. Redesigned to engage with your audience we focus on your goals while styling the site for the look and feel of your brand. We also provide training. 

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