Your WordPress Problem Fixed & Website Managed

Cracked home repressenting your WordPress website

We Fix Your WordPress Problem

All Done Within 24 Hrs

Home protected by our shield showing we give you WordPress Security for your website

We Protect & Manage Your Site

Prevents a WordPress Problem

Home protected by our shield showing we give you WordPress Security for your website

We Do Small Web Design Changes

Improving Your Site

Giving You More Time & No More WordPress Worries

How Does It Work?

We manage your WordPress website to prevent a problem.

We Fix Your WordPress Problem

If you have a WordPress problem or worst your website site is down. You may have been hacked or an update has crashed your site. Or maybe just a part of your site has a problem. Either way, we’ll fix it like new and have your site up and running again. We’ll fix your WordPress problem within 24 hours or your money back.

Your WordPress problem fixed fast within 24 hours.

We Operate 24/7

For new members as soon as you set up your plan we’ll be notified and have it all done within 24 hrs of your payment clearing. Then we’ll protect and manage your site so you never have to worry again about your WordPress problem. Members can submit a fix or small web design jobs 24/7 via email 24/7 or live chat. We’ll have your support request completed within 24 hours of getting all the details.

Preventing a WordPress problem

We Manage Your WordPress Site

You’ll never have to worry again. We protect your WordPress site from a problem like hackers by keeping it updated regularly. But if your site ever goes down again, our system alerts us within 2 minutes so we’re the first to know – not your customers. If your site does go down we’ll fix it for free. Fast.

WordPress website designer managing your small jobs

We do your small web design changes

Never pay again when you want changes to your site. We’ll do unlimited small web design jobs as part of your monthly service plan. Small jobs are 30 minutes or less and we get them done fast. Our WordPress specialists can add a form, change text, add a style to a theme, resize a picture or fix a page to look better. All included in your service plan.

What People Are Saying


John Davidson

BNE Clean

Five star review

As a business owner I just want my site to work. If my site is down, I lose the potential to gain new customers. I can also lose credibility. You guys are my insurance policy, my web developers and my peace of mind. Thanks guys.


Melanie Alafaci

Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

Five star review

My whole business runs off my website. Having it down was like having my doors closed and customers not being able to find me. I have no idea what I would have done without you. The stress of my website crashing and having no idea what to do was extremely traumatic. Finding Airtight site, and then finding you could do what you said by helping me get up and running saved me immense stress and thousands of dollars in lost sales.


Mellisa Copsey

Studio SW19

Five star review

We highly recommend Airtight Site. They were fantastic in helping to get our website back up and running after it was hacked. We are now very confident that it is secured and managed so we can get on with finding new customers.

How to Get Started


1. Signup

Choose a subscription plan that suits you. Payments are via credit card processed by Stripe monthly or yearly depending on your selection. Change your WordPress management plan at any time.


2. Tell us what you need

Use email or our website messager to report your WordPress problem. We’ll need your login details for your WordPress administrator account and your web hosting login.


3. We'll fix it in 24hrs

We’ll respond and get your WordPress problem fixed. All within 24 hours or your money back. Then we’ll continue to protect, maintain and improve your WordPress site. Offering tips along the way.

WordPress Management Plans

Pricing is displayed in Australian dollars.

WordPress Services

Daily Backups

Reliable incremental daily backups. Unlimited off-site storage. On-demand backups are available. Restore from any day within 90 days in the past.


Security Check

We check your site is clean with daily security checks. We can then act quickly if any files become infected.

Proactive Monitoring

Within a couple of minutes, we’ll know if your website goes down. That way we’ll be able to get your site back online in the shortest possible time without you even contacting us.

Safe Updates

We’ll take care of all your sites updates. We know what and what not to update. Plus we’ll also have an additional restore point done at just before the update. We’ll check your site is up and running after all updates.

Monthly Report

We’ll email you a monthly report for you to see what we’ve done on your site and see how your site is performing.



We believe in preventing WordPress problems. Your plugins can become old and unmaintained. We’ll monitor for security vulnerabilities in these plugins and recommend an alternative to protect your site from security risks.

Move Your Site

We’re able to take care of the migration of your website to a new web host of your choice. We can also help you choose the best web hosting performance for WordPress and give you fewer problems.

SEO Ranking

We’ll track up to 100 of your keywords and report the changes in your rankings. Discover who your competitors are, and how you compare against them.

Performance Checks

Part of your monthly report will give an insight into how your site performing. You can keep a check on the impact of any changes you make to your site or if your web hosting services is starting to underperform.

FAQ Section

Do you support all types of websites?

We support only WordPress sites that you have with a web hosting company.

Can you work with all web hosting services?

Yes, as long as we can get hosting access. We’ll work with them to get the best outcome for your site. If we feel your site would be better on a different plan that they offer or it’s time to move from your hosting provider to give you a better service we’ll let you know what your options are.

How does you 24 hour money back guarantee work?

We will fix your broken site within 24 hours, but first we need these things from you:

1. You need to select and signup for a plan.

2. We need your WordPress administrator account and your web hosting login. We collect this securely after activating your plan.

3. At the time we have all of this is when the clock starts ticking.

What payment options do you offer?

We take credit cards only.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly or annually depending on which plan you choose.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes. You’ll have access to your client portal to make changes or cancel your plan. We can also assist you via email or live chat. The change will take effect at the next billing period.

What you need from me to get your work done.

We’ll need a WordPress administrator account and ýour web hosting login. We have secure methods built into the submission process.

Do you provide regular WordPress updates?

Yes. We’re monitoring your site daily for these required updates. We use our industry knowledge and an additional restore point to perform this safely. These updates include your WordPress core install, themes, and plugins.

What is a small job?

A small job is a task that will take us 30 minutes or less to complete. This could include adding content, installing plugins, adjusting CSS and lots more. We accept one task at a time per site. We’ll complete your small jobs as soon as possible while prioritising any sites that are currently down. Always done within 24 hours

How can I contact you?

Live chat is available during off-peak periods. During peak periods we believe in putting all of our resources into getting customer sites back up and running asap while monitoring and actioning your email requests.

We monitor email sent to 24/7, no matter how busy we are. We’re here to help.

You can also ask us any questions you may have about our service via live chat or email. We’d be happy to help.


Airtight Site protecting you from a WordPress problem with your website

Why We Created Airtight Site

We are real people who are small business owners who rely on our website to do business.

Our friends and people we did business with kept getting their websites hacked or their websites crashed because of an update that didn’t work. They were busy running their business or didn’t have the technical skills to keep their site up to date with the latest security measures.

They were frustrated because their web host often didn’t know how to fix their site or was unresponsive.

Meanwhile, they were losing money and customers.

Then every time they wanted to make a change, they had to pay a web developer big bucks for a small change. And then wait weeks until they had time to do it.

We came to the rescue of more and more people with a WordPress problem. Why do we only fix WordPress problems? Simple, we decided to focus on what we good at. So we created Airtight Site for ourselves and our friends’ commercial, small business websites. And now it’s available for you. A safe and responsive service to give you peace of mind for your WordPress site.

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Best ways to reach us 24/7

We fix your WordPress problem in 24 hours from your first message. So don’t delay contact us now.

Our website messenger and email contact form below are available.

We monitor our website messenger and emails sent to 24/7, no matter how busy we are. We’re here to help you with your WordPress problem.

You can also ask us any questions you may have about our service via our website messenger or email contact form below. We’d be happy to help.

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