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Paul Davidson

Paul Davidson

Founder - Airtight Site

The one thing I learned while running multiple businesses over the last 20 years is that your website needs to be treated like a valuable team member. Websites need to be managed just as you manage a team. The risk you take is your website being hacked and then you’ll quickly lose the trust you need in business. Just as you want to develop your team’s skills you’ll also want to continually improve your website to grow your business.

I started Airtight Site because I believe if you’re using a website as a part of your business growth then website security is the foundation, without this it will all fall apart suddenly and without warning. Many web developers designed for style only and ignored the data-based strategy we take to sales and leads for your business. While running my Photography business I found developers only wanted the big projects and were not there for quick support issues. I believe “Continual improvement is better than delayed perfection” Mark Twain. So we take the small and big website edits to keep your business growing while monitoring and protecting your website.

Book a free discovery call so we can learn about your business and give you our insight into better utilising your website to meet your goals. I also invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Our Story

Your pain was ours

We’ve run other businesses for well over 10 years. The websites for our businesses were and still are integral to our success. If the website was down or had a problem we didn’t make money. When there was a problem our clients and our business suffered. We lost new business and a lot of time looking for a solution. 

The choices we had

Website developers were often too busy with their projects for such a small job or wanted to charge a premium price, plus they were often not available after hours.

Yes, there were other WordPress support companies but their plans were expensive and full conditions or limits that was going to make it difficult to judge what the real cost was going to be. There had to be a better and less stressful way.

We Believe

Problems in business cost you way too much in time and money. This becomes much worst when you don’t have a solution ready to go.  Airtight Site is here to reduce your costs, eliminate your WordPress problems and help you improve your business through a better user experience for your website visitors.

With our fixed cost WordPress plans, this is the insurance policy that gives you peace of mind and real value.

The Impact of Giving Back

Something great happens in the world.

When you work with Airtight Site you help us to ensure that those less fortunate than us are given the opportunity to grow. Read more about the impact we can make on your behalf.

Our Beginnings

We started with our friends and people we did business with who kept getting their websites hacked or their websites crashed because of an update that didn’t work. They were busy running their business or didn’t have the technical skills to keep their site up to date with the latest security measures.

They were frustrated because their web host often claimed their server was fine and didn’t support their site or was completely unresponsive.

So from a complete understanding of their position, we came to the rescue of more and more people with a WordPress problem. Why do we only fix WordPress problems? Simple, we decided to focus on what we good at. So we created Airtight Site for ourselves and our friends’ commercial, small business websites. And now it’s available for you. A safe and responsive service to give you peace of mind for your WordPress site.

Affiliate Partner Program

Like what we’re about and want to help your friends and clients? Then become an Affiliate and get paid up to $300 per client plus give your friends and clients 50% off their first month.

Our Services

We have lots to offer in our WordPress management plans from the must have security measures to including website edits done at a fixed cost every month.

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