Our Affiliate Program

Open to our Clients

Help your connections and get rewarded

Your Rewards

Earn cash rewards from your referrals. We pay you 35% for the first 3 months of your referral’s subscription to our management services.

Give Discounts

Help your friends and followers out with not only a referral to a service you know will help but also a saving of 30% 0ff their first month. Your discount coupon code will be emailed to you or can be requested anytime.

Make an Impact

Know that you’ll also be helping make an impact in the world.

How it Works

You’ll be provided with a referral link and a link to recruit affiliates. Whoever clicks those links and signs up will be attached to your account. You’ll also be able to add clients inside your affiliate dashboard.


All payouts are processed on a monthly basis via membership credits. We’ll email you when the credit is applied completed.

We Help You

We provide you with marketing materials that you can choose to use. We’re here to help so if you need something different or have ideas please let us know and we’ll create it for you.

Available to Only Clients

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This makes something great happen in the world.

Plus We Give Back

One of the projects that you’ll help us support by joining today.

When a new affiliate joins us, we give 1 day of medical support to an ill child in need. See a list of projects we support…