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The impact you’ve helped create

The less fortunate than us are given the opportunity to grow

Your booked discovery call has provided 1 day of access to clean water for a person in the world.

With your support and our partnership with B1G1 you’ve made an impact in the world today. We have a few giving stories that we support on your behalf.

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A confirmation email will be sent to you very soon with all the details you need. I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon and getting to know you and your business.


We may Have a sooner Time Reserved

If the reason you’ve reached out for a call becomes more urgent or is urgent now please let me know because we keep a few high-priority support time slots available for such an occurrence.

Meeting Processes

Zoom Video Optional

Our Discovery call will be run via Zoom. It is optional if you decide to turn your video on. This call will be to get a better understanding of your needs and how we can best help you.

If you have any specific questions that you’d like to cover during our meeting please email me so I can have the relevant information on hand.

Zoom is our business phone because it allows for a great level of communication using screen sharing if needed. It also allows us to schedule calls to prioritise support for our clients.

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